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The best way to improve your credit score y to pay your debt down, remove the negative items from your credit report and maintain your credit lines in good standing. But remember everyone’s situation is different and the approach to improve your credit will change depending on your particular situation. This is why NJ Credit Repair always starts by reviewing the credit report of all our clients. At NJ Credit Repair we use a simple strategy that is the key to success. Identify- Take Action- Improve
The time that takes to repair your credit is dependant upon many factors. For example, how damaged is your credit at the moment you start working with us and the type of delinquent items you are currently trying to resolve. At NJ Credit Repair we focus on building a plan to fix your credit in the shortest time frame possible. The sooner we start the sooner we finish.

NJ Credit Repair will obtain your credit scores with your authorization and will share them with you. We use this information to create a roadmap for building a plan to improve your score. All the information obtained by NJ Credit Repair is kept secure and confidential to protect your identity.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions to create a password. Once that password is created you will be promoted to sign a document that will authorized NJ Credit Repair LLC to start working. Then you will be redirected to obtain your credit report with Smart Credit and lastly you will be redirected to your client portal to upload an ID picture and Proof of address. Once all this process is done, you will receive an email with a detail summary of your credit and NJ Credit Repair will start working on fixing your credit. You will be notified every time changes are made on your file via email.

NJ Credit Repair is proud of offering a very personalized service to all our customers. You can always Contac us and request a review of your file or simply send us all your questions and concerns. We will respond in less than 1 business day. Please note you can Contact us via phone, email, chat, social media or even using the message option on your client portal which we prefer because it helps us located your file more efficiently.
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Sign Up for the plan that best fits your needs. Create the password for your client access and sign the requiered documentation.

Review the credit Audit

You will receive an email with a credit audit attached. This document will include a detailed summary of your credit situation. Reviewing it will help you understand what to expect during the credit repair process.


Credit repair can take some time. However you should see results within 60-90 days, and there is no better time to take advantage of our free resources to learn about how credit works. It is proven that the best way to have a good credit it know about credit.

Money back guaranteed

Credit Repair agencies are often famous for not been able to deliver results, and while is true that we cannot guarantee results we are great at what we do. At NJ Credit Repair we believe that real results and transparency should drive our company this is why if we don't remove any items from your credit report in 4 rounds of disputes we Guaranteed 100% return of your money, upon clients request.