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Understand the Credit Repair Process

The Information You Need
Managing your debt can be a tricky business, however, NJ Credit Repair can help you manage your current debt while working to remove the unfair, negative items on your credit report.

Step 1

Understanding Your Credit Report and Your Action Plan

If you are not sure of how credit repair works and want a more personalized experience you can request a Free Credit Consultation. This consultation is an opportunity to take a closer look at your credit report and identify what items need to be addressed. The consultation is done over the phone with one of our specialist and takes about 25-35 minutes. However if you are ready to start, and you already know what is wrong on your report, then you now have the ability to directly sign up. Once you sign up you will be sent an email where you will have the steps to obtain your credit report and upload the documentation needed for our team to start working. You will also receive an email with a comprehensive review of your report that will help you understand what our team will be working on. You can always after the sing up process request a call with one of our credit if you have additional questions.

Once you have signed up and submitted your documentation our team will start working on your case. You will receive notifications via email that will keep you updated about all the actions that our team is taking on your file. During the life of our services you will receive the responses to the disputes filed on your behalf, please be aware that you can help the process go faster and be more efficient by uploading all this documentation on your customer online portal. Once you do this our team will review the documentation and use it to improve the scope of our dispute making them more effective.

Step 2

Action Plan and What to Expect

Step 3

Removal of Negative and Repetition

Credit repair is not a magic trick, is a legal process and as such it takes time. The average customer takes about 5-6 months with our services to fully improve his/her credit. The reasons are simple; credit bureaus take 30-45 days to respond to our disputes and they are great at using tactics to delay the disputing process with the purpose of discouraging consumer from disputing again. NJ Credit Repair is an organization with experts on how to navigate this process, so we advise our customers to be patience and trust the process. Remember the best way to have a good credit is to know how credit works, use this time to take advantage of our free learning resources.